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Malix Media

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Camera operator • video editor • director • sound engineer • motion graphics designer • producer • videographer • copywriter

www.malixmedia.com Established in 2013, Malix Media produces creative video content for TV, web, and Social Media platforms. Our services have been used by dozens of high profile companies and organizations and our content is seen by millions of people on screens around the world.

Written, directed and edited by Malix Media


Written, directed and edited by Malix Media


Written and produced by Malix Media





"Be Bad For Goodness Sake" is a series of fun holiday ads we wrote, produced, and edited for our client. We explore four vignettes of characters being bad in the hopes of getting Kingsford Coal in their stocking from Santa.


A digital ad for Saucony Creek Brewing showing off their new product.


A 30-second TV spot for Yards Brewery. Written, produced, and edited by Malix Media

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Creator consistently produces top drawer work
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