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The Hard Way

San Jose, CA, USA

Video editor • director • motion graphics designer • producer • graphics designer • color grader

At The Hard Way, we create artful, cinematic video content. Your brand is much more than a logo, and for that reason, we feel it is our duty to create videos with more than just a sales pitch. Our purpose is to combine our clients’ sincere human message, with stunning cinematography, thoughtful editing, and solid design - resulting in compelling content. We don't aim to just to place your message in the mind of the viewers, but to tie that message to their hearts. The goal of video content is to make people think. The goal of The Hard Way is to make people feel as well. We take pride in our ability to keep our crews small and efficient, in turn tipping the balance between quality and cost in our clients' favor. While we are pleased to be able to leverage new technology and methods to keep cost down, we spare no effort in our projects - when it's a matter of quality, we do things The Hard Way. The Hard Way is led by producer, Logan Parks, and supported by a network of select freelancers that are brought in when appropriate. Logan started as a camera operator/editor in Southern California, and moved to San Jose - where he has been producing cinematic video content for businesses since 2009. His obsession with the quality of his work is arguably unhealthy. He sometimes writes about himself in the third person.



Ammunition Group is a highly acclaimed San Francisco based design studio. Through the years I have produced several videos that discuss the ideas behind their designs. For each round of videos, I would set up a mobile studio for product shots at their location, and then conduct interviews with designers. This is one example of how the films turned out. I filmed, edited, color graded and created motion graphics for this video.


In preparation for The NAMM Show 2016, Markus, inventor of The Peacekeeper wanted to release a video that spoke directly to guitar manufacturers. This video explains exactly how The Peacekeeper Quick Change Effects System works, why it will appeal to guitar players and welcomes guitar manufacturers to contact Markus about licensing the use of his product in their own guitars. I wrote, filmed, edited and color graded this project.


Sound Management (known for producing Smashmouth, T.a.t.u., and others) asked me to produce a music video for Savvy and Mandy's new single, Comin' Back as a Cowboy. They had a concept in mind and I adapted it for film. I produced, directed, filmed, edited and colored this project.


This video was created for a Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $92000! I can't take all of the credit for the campaign, of course, but I can take credit for filming, editing, color grading and graphics.


The Trims asked me to film a performance music video to showcase the band's new lineup. Having worked with The Trims before, I knew they would want a heavily stylized video and proceeded to add several layers of filmic effects. I filmed edited, color graded, and created motion graphics for the video.


I created a series of videos for 360 payments. Each video spoke directly to a different target audience that they wanted to reach. Software aims at software companies that could benefit from using 360's services, and explains how what they offer beats what is offered from their competition. I filmed, edited, color graded and created motion graphics for this video.

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