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Taylor Hellhake

Asheville, NC, USA

Videographer • director • camera operator • gaffer • video editor • sound engineer • filmmaker

To summarize my resume, I have 11 years of experience in production. I shoot and edit commercials for local and national clients independently and through content suppliers such as Videopixie, Studionow, CGI Communications, Mopro, JBL Productions, A Man With a Cam, Demand Media, and Bad Wolf Syndicate. I have worked as a camera assistant, gaffer, production and casting assistant for The Discovery Channel, ABC, FOX, The Cooking Channel, and HGTV. I shoot live sporting events for Bleacher Report, The Health and Wellness Channel and National Sports Productions, as well as produce and shoot videos with my own production company, DEPTHink.

2019 Production Reel


2019 Production Reel


A few sample clips from previous projects...




The Mantris Laptop Stand Kickstarter


Studio Zahiya Commercial


Jon Stickley Trio Kickstarter

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