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Taylor Hellhake

Asheville, NC, USA

Videographer • director • camera operator • gaffer • video editor • sound engineer • filmmaker

To summarize my resume, I have 11 years of experience in production. I shoot and edit commercials for local and national clients independently and through content suppliers such as Videopixie, Studionow, CGI Communications, Mopro, JBL Productions, A Man With a Cam, Demand Media, and Bad Wolf Syndicate. I have worked as a camera assistant, gaffer, production and casting assistant for The Discovery Channel, ABC, FOX, The Cooking Channel, and HGTV. I shoot live sporting events for Bleacher Report, The Health and Wellness Channel and National Sports Productions, as well as produce and shoot videos with my own production company, DEPTHink.

A few sample clips from previous projects...


A few sample clips from previous projects...




The Mantris Laptop Stand Kickstarter


Studio Zahiya Commercial


Jon Stickley Trio Kickstarter

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