3 Unbelievably Awesome Video Production Companies

By Libby Cooper
April 5, 2016
Top 3 Video Production Companies

Hi everyone, Libby here at Videopixie about to review our favorite live action video production companies!

This review is a little different than our normal format. We know there are hundreds of amazing studios out there, so picking a few was a huge challenge.

Today we will be reviewing 3 studios, checking out a few videos from each one.

Special Guest

Starting off at number 3, we have Special Guest! Special Guest wins our “best visuals” category. Everything they produce is truly a feast for the eyes!.

Let’s take a look at this video - Squarespace “Build it Beautiful”.

This video is stunning. The visual effects are polished, yet effortless. The video reflects well on Squarespace’s brand identity and product which is create to be refined, modern, and easy to use.

Now let’s watch another video from Special Guest - OK Go “The Writing’s on the Wall”

OK Go is known for its wild music videos, maybe even better known for its videos than music! For Special Guest to be selected to make “The Writing’s on the Wall” proves that this company has superior visual skills - and in our opinion - the best!

Knox Avenue

Now at number 2, we have Knox Avenue winning our “best storytelling” category. Knox Avenue knows that an amazing video is nothing without a narrative.

Let’s take a look at their piece for Doritos called “Recess”.

This hilarious jam-packed narrative is squeezed into just 30 seconds. We the audience feel emotion, tension, and witness a hilarious punchline.

Funny projects like this aren’t easy to create, yet Knox Avenue has mastered the art.

Here is another great, funny story showcasing their narrative skills: Pringles: Wookiee Mistake

This video is an inventive ad that integrates well-known themes from Star Wars seamlessly. And that’s not an easy task to do!

If you are looking for a great creative team to succeed big time on your video project, make sure to check out Knox Avenue.

Hungry Man

And now....number one! Landing our number 1 spot, Hungry Man achieves all of your video wildest dreams and more with their insane production budgets and celebrity filled casts. Hungry Man is our clear winner for the “power house studio” category.

These creatives are in the world of Super Bowl commercials. Don’t let that scare you away if you only have a small budget - it is still great to recognize and draw inspiration from their work.

Let’s first watch “Madden: The Movie”.

This video has celebrities, passion, suspense, explosions... what more could you want? The video is long - longer than what we would normally recommend, but the gripping nature of the ad makes it 100% okay.

Another great piece to watch is the recent Super Bowl ad for Honda “A New Truck to Love”.

The CGI singing sheep gave me goosebumps. With the licensing of a very famous, well loved song, this video is likeable and stays very simple. The simplicity is well executed alongside tastefully animated animals (a difficult feat!) and gorgeous scenery. Hungry Man truly is a power house.

And that’s it for today! Our three favorite production studios.

It’s a tough choice selecting only three studios. There are hundreds of amazing studios out there, and it can be daunting for clients and creators to find the right fit. If your company needs to make a video, make sure to check out Videopixie. We'll help you receive 5-10 pitches from the best studios for your budget.

Until next time!