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Thousands of videos created on Videopixie

Dog Cafe Kickstarter

Alicia Greenwalt needed an informative and personal video to win over backers for the Pup'uccino Dog Rescue Cafe. Taylor Hellhake
did a fantastic job at a great price.

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IGP Energy Pitch

James Lamoureaux needed a powerful ad for his investors. Hard Road Pictures shot stunning footage and Alexander Thomas Media Co
ran post production.

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MedicX Explainer

MedicX needed a clean and informative explainer video. Alexander Thomas Media Co used stock footage and subtle animation to bring the script to life.

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Apache Product Video

Jordan Duran of Apache Pine Headphones needed a seamless edit done on his footage. Editor Christopher Hutchinson cut the video and brought a creative eye to the project.

$375 edit
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Townsquare Screencast

Townsquare needed an interesting company screencast, a feat itself! Animator Hoju Kim did an excellent job at keeping the content dynamic and engaging.

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Heyzap Hero Video Loop

Heyzap wanted to update their website with custom background video on their homepage. Ioana Vasile shot and Eddie DaRoza cut the original footage.

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Testcloud Animation

Testcloud needed an animated video that explained their product and kept the audience watching until the last second. PJ Palomaki created quality, smooth motion graphics.

Start an animated explainer

XHIT Fitness Program

Fitness company XHIT needed to showcase a new workout series. Ioana Vasile created 10 episodes within their budget of $1500 total.

$1500 for 10 episodes
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