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Zboard Indiegogo

Zboard needed a snappy video for their second campaign on Indiegogo. Hunt House Pictures filmed beautiful images of the product and created a very catchy flow. The campaign went on to raise $800k+.

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IGP Energy Pitch

James Lamoureaux needed a powerful ad for his investors. Hard Road Pictures shot stunning footage and Alexander Thomas Media Co
ran post production.

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Flamestower Kickstarter

For their kickstarter, Flamestower wanted a video that could connect with nature lovers. Rebel Unit Media found beautiful locations and set the perfect mood.

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Apache Product Video

Jordan Duran of Apache Pine Headphones needed a seamless edit done on his footage. Editor Christopher Hutchinson cut the video and brought a creative eye to the project.

$375 edit
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Annadel Estate Wedding

Lista and Jonas shared a beautiful day with their friends and family at the Annadel State Winery. IQ Videography captured this special day with masterful cinematography and storytelling.

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Townsquare Screencast

Townsquare needed an interesting company screencast, a feat itself! Animator Hoju Kim did an excellent job at keeping the content dynamic and engaging.

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MedicX Explainer

MedicX needed a clean and informative explainer video. Alexander Thomas Media Co used stock footage and subtle animation to bring the script to life.

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Heyzap Hero Video Loop

Heyzap wanted to update their website with custom background video on their homepage. Ioana Vasile shot and Eddie DaRoza cut the original footage.

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Kono Animation

Kono needed an animated video that explained their product and kept the audience watching until the last second. Epidemic created quality, smooth motion graphics.

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XHIT Fitness Program

Fitness company XHIT needed to showcase a new workout series. Ioana Vasile created 10 episodes within their budget of $1500 total.

$1500 for 10 episodes
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