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Made by video creators on Videopixie:

Upbeat & fun: Find a video style that matches the tone of your wedding. This video by Federico Ondarts features a fun group who kept the party going for days. Bride & groom wanted an upbeat video to remember all the positive energy.

Stunning & timeless: Master cinematographers, like Alex Kohn at IQ Videography, are able to create stunning visual pieces to match the emotions of your big day. They bring cinema-quality imagery and storytelling to your wedding film.

Creative & catchy: Pay special attention to the quality of the editing. For example, we loved the pace variations and careful sequencing in this video by Israel Vazquez. This is the result of careful prior planning, creativity and spontaneity the day of the wedding, and precise assembly in the editing room.

Your service is awesome, so awesome, that I want to hide it from our industry (at least our market) for as long as possible, haha... Almost like fashion designers giving away their manufacturer.

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