Best Explainer Videos of 2015

By Libby Cooper
January 7, 2016

Hi everyone, Libby here at Videopixie HQ about to review our favorite explainer videos of 2015!

Creating an engaging explainer video can be challenging, but it’s really important for your product. Explainer videos are great for pitches, fundraising, customer acquisition, and selling your product.

best explainer videos of 2015

Today we will be reviewing 6 videos, counting down to our favorite. I think it’ll be your favorite too!

#6 - Tea consent explainer video

Starting off our list at number 6, we have Tea Consent by Blue Seat Studio. Tea Consent is our favorite Simple Explainer. This hilarious metaphor on a very important subject was executed very simply.

Unlike many animations out there, the stick man drawings with very little animation supports the voice over, not the other way around.

By crafting a really strong script, the rest of the explainer video does not need to be high end. Even the voice over recording itself does not need to be too fancy

If your topic is compelling to a large audience, this inexpensive route of storytelling with the enhancement of images will cost $800.

#5 - Tasty how-to video

Coming in hot at number 5 is a recipe video from Tasty, a social media cooking page. This Apple Spice Cake is our favorite example of a Live Action with no Voice Over.

This video could not be simpler. At 15 seconds long, Tasty uses their recognizable style of a hand putting together the recipe and the “magic of filmmaking” to elude to time passing.

This is great for explaining hands-on tasks to an audience that really doesn’t have a long attention span. Ideal for sharing on Facebook.

A one man band style producer can direct, film, and edit a video like this for $1000. OR if you film it yourself, an editor will cut the footage for $200.

#4 - CleanMyMac pre-roll ad

Now at number 4 we have BYOB Lumberjack Party by Motion Authors. This pre-roll ad from CleanMyMac is the perfect example of an Animated Explainer with no Voice Over.

Cute, funny, with likeable characters, this 2D animation takes a concept that is relatable and turns it into a fun little narrative. When working without voice over, it can be nice to turn to audio effects and music to really set the mood.

For a 2D animation like this with a custom sound board, you would need to hire a talented creative team including a graphic designer, a motion graphics artist, and an audio engineer for a total of $5000.

#3 - Stampsy animated explainer

At number three on our list, we have Stampsy by TwistedPoly & Co with its incredible, mind blowing graphics show off the best 3D Animation in an explainer we’ve seen this year.

Stampsy’s art direction is impeccable. It’s unusual. It’s tasteful. The visuals in this piece are unlike anything you see in other explainer videos.

Flawless animation is coupled with perfect audio. A very professional voice over and a great soundtrack make this end high video feeling polished - the cherry on top one could say.

A stunning 3D explainer video like this is going to take a large budget. You will need to hire a studio that can conceptualize and execute on something never seen before. They will pitch concepts to you until you fall in love. Starting at $20,000, you can begin to dive into the deep end of 3D animation.

#2 - Shared Hope explainer video

Our runner up! Landing our number 2 spot, Shared Hope International by Ataboy is a beautifully drawn and animated emotional piece. It is our favorite example of Emotional Animation.

Emotional Animation is when the graphics really speak to the feelings they are describing. Here, the difficult subject of child traffic is brought to life with deeply evocative graphics.

An explainer video needs to be gripping no matter what the subject, and Hope International does a great job of keeping the audience watching until the final second.

For custom graphics that really mimic your explanation, you will need to hire an illustrator to fully visualize your story. Then an animator will come in and bring it to life for a total of $10,000.

#1 - Celery non-pitch pitch video

And now our number one spot! Don’t Be a Pitch try Celery by Vireo Films!

What we love about this video is it pokes fun at every classic explainer video out there.

Notice how in our countdown, we didn’t have any elevator pitch still videos? Nothing great comes from following the mold of every explainer video that has ever been made.

Celery does everything from using our least favorite (link to article) royalty free song to having actors speak in unrealistic voices. Mockery is genius here because it makes people laugh and share. This video went viral on its first day release. Now isn’t that what everyone wants for their product?

So there you have it...

...the best explainers of 2015. Whether it is an animated masterpiece or a beautifully shot live action, explainer videos are an essential part of your product campaign.

If you want to start an explainer video for a marketing campaign, pre-sale, or other product use, check out Videopixie. We are a marketplace for video production, helping you hire the right professional for the job.

Until next time!