Best videos of summer 2013

The videopixie editors made hundreds of fantastic videos since our launch this summer. Check out this small sample, and learn about the budget and steps involved.

Animated Explainer - $2500

Townsquare needed a polished easy-to-follow video to explain their product to prospective users and investors.

Hoju Kim

edited by

Event / Wedding video - $500

Event videographers outsource their post-production to Videopixie, giving them more time to focus on filming and meeting new clients. This edit by Matias Canelson is just amazing.

Matias Canelson

edited by

Promo video for Physical Training company - $175

RaiderXP shot high quality footage of their adventure challenge program. They needed a punchy energetic cut, masterfully delivered by Ryan Blewett.

Ryan Blewett

edited by

Udemy course videos - $150-950

Udemy instructors use videopixie to make more engaging course videos. The editor community helps with things like color correction, hiss noise removal, up to motion graphics design and greenscreen compositing

John Loxterkamp

edited by

Promo video for DJ company - $110

DJ company accurate production made 3-4 videos on videopixie over the summer. It's a great way to quickly generate quality marketing content.

Ryan Blewett

edited by

Promo video for Financial Services firm - $150

Similarly Rock Financials, made 3-4 videos on videopixie over the summer. Another company finding affordable access to quality marketing content.

Ernesto Manteras

edited by

Music video - $200

Making your own hip hop video just became a lot easier. These project are a lot of fun, love what Palmer Stanfield made here.

Palmer Stanfield

edited by

IGNITE event video

To kick-off an important event, real estate firm Travis Robertson had a snappy sizzle reel made on Videopixie. All they had to provide was some live action recordings, and some rough creative guidelines. The motion graphics, the stock footage, were all put together by the super talented Dave Chennell.

Dave Chennell

edited by

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