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Hire video editors and video animators to make videos like these:

HolaSoyGerman is one of the most subscribed-to channels. Each show gets 1-3M views!

The super fast jump cuts are not for everyone, but they work well with German's supercharged personality.

Use Videopixie to find the right style for your videos. Upload your footage and get input from fellow video artists. Some will even make teasers (30s version of a final cut)

Fast jump cuts

To keep things interesting, Michelle Phan changes the post-production style of her videos from week to week.

Here, her team added simple motion graphics to make the points come across.

Use Videopixie to easily vary the style of your videos - try new things every week!

Simple motion graphics

In his videos, Ray William Johnson often uses a delayed title sequence.

Also called "bumper", it's a great way to brand your videos, without boring.

You'll find super talented motion graphics designers on Videopixie who can design video bumpers for you.

Delayed title sequence

Action footage and slow mo go well together. Especially footage shot in high fps.

Camera tracking is when you link graphics / text to moving points in a scene.

Here the text is tracking Kelly Slater's movements and looks like it's part of the scene.

Slow Motion & Camera tracking

Cropped frames is a trick to create two different views from the same shot.

One view is the original (eg. filmed in 1080) and the other view is zoomed-in (eg. zoomed to 720p).

We cut from one to the other, and voila ! it looks like we had 2 cameras on set.

Cropped frames

There are many ways to make the video more engaging in post.

Minute Physics often uses timelapse animations of hand-drawn diagrams.

They also use a green screen and have the teacher present in front of a background itself composed of mini-clips.

We do greenscreen chromakeying and compositing all the time over here on Videopixie. Give it a try!

Timelapse animations & Greenscreen

Youtube is an exciting place and we want you to succeed. New stars are made every week, and it's a bit like the Wild West out there, but one thing is for certain: production quality is increasing! In a recent study we measured that 60% of successful Youtubers now applied advanced editing and animations to make their videos pop.

With that in mind, and whether you are ready to hire video pros to help you, here are some video editing tips that you can apply for your next videos. Image quality is also increasingly important. Take a look at our guide to make better videos with Magic Lantern, and many other video production tips on our site.

See you on the other side!