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What is Videopixie?

Videopixie is the largest community of game trailer creators.

Just post a project and start collaborating with top-notch animators and editors. Choose from multiple bids, and receive your killer trailer in no time.

Why Videopixie?

  • Access 1000+ video creators
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  • From souped-up gameplay montage to epic 3D animations

Game trailers made on Videopixie:

Epic 3D animated trailers Avalon Lords, the famed MMO, used Videopixie to make their big Kickstarter debut. They received bids for different styles and price points and chose to work with animator Andreas Giesen

1M+ views for this spunky Go Ninja trailer Hiptic posted a project, selected the best proposal from 800+ very capabale creators. And for $500 received this awesome spunky trailer with 1M+ views on Youtube

For kids games too! Use Videopixie for happy go lucky videos as well! You'll find a great variety of styles and price points.

Enhanced gameplay Sometimes all it takes is some gameplay, a good soundtrack and insipired visual FX

Try many styles Other game developers use Videopixie to create very different trailer styles across their portfolio of games. Here is one of FT's many trailers made on Videopixie

Awesome trailers everytime. Easy transparent process and fair prices.
Highly recommended for every game developers out there.

Long Vo - Hiptic games

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