Happy New Year

Tom and I - along with 605 Videopixie freelancers - send you best wishes for a fantastic year in 2014!   We had a blast making videos with you in 2013 and we look forward to even more creative opportunities ahead.
Let's take one last look at some of our favorite moments of 2013.

Beautiful moments

Talented videographers teamed-up with the best editors to make timeless Sweet 16 films and wedding films.

Matias Canelson

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New ventures

Startups made animated videos to explain their product and wow users.

Hoju Kim

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Interesting concepts

Experts made course videos on a wide range of topics, from finance to self-help.

John Loxterkamp

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Catchy trailers

Director Wim Wenders once said: "Let other people cut your trailer!", and so directors started using Videopixie to organize trailer contests.

PJ Palomaki

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Watch the full movie She the monster

Fun games

In 2013, it became really easy to make a kickass trailer for your game. Videopixie freelancers will write the script, record the gameplay and animate it all into awesomeness!

Philip Schneider

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Play the game

Upbeat songs

We particularly enjoyed making music videos. We mostly saw pop and rap projects, but some classical too!

Palmer Stanfield

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Important kickstarters

Entrepreneurs and researchers used Videopixie to explain their projects with a video.

Ernesto Mantaras

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Support Dr Goldman's Microryza project.

Good causes

In 2013, Videopixies helped non-profit organizations get their message out.

Jasper Boyd

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Impact Network - bringing e-learning to rural Africa

These are just some examples. Since Videopixie's launch in June 2013, we have worked together to make hundreds of videos, freelancers have earned tens of thousands of dollars, and we have seen an amazing array of cool projects and creative ideas.

What videos will you make in 2014? Contact us anytime to discuss your plans or start a project to engage with the Videopixie community right away.

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