Inspiring videos for non-profit causes

By Thomas Escourrou and Libby Cooper
Aug 8th, 2014
Are you raising funds for a good cause? Building awareness to save lives?
You'll need a poignant video to mobilize and energize supporters. Let's look at some examples and discuss which style is right for your cause.

Style #1: Kinetic Typography video

Can minimalist vector graphics generate empathy? Yes and this video is the proof. This video is a successful example of kinetic typography and motion graphics. To deal with this difficult topic, the director opted for factual and informative tone that is not dramatic. And it works: the sobering facts are often all it takes to justify action.

Style #2: Cinematic video

Many non-profit videos will rely on stunning imagery and personal stories to reach the audience's heart. Cinematic stories are very powerful. They require careful planning, a great director and a skilled team.

Style #3: Humor video

Taboo? Embarrassing? Wondering how to talk about your cause publicly? Well... a little humor goes a long way. Humor breaks barriers, it changes mindsets, and helps people relate to topics they'd rather ignore.

Style #4: Slideshow video

Sometimes the best approach is a series of powerful pictures with a touching deeply authentic narration. Slideshows have the advantage of being easier on the protagonists (no three person crew following them around).

Style #5: Documentary video

Many non-profit videos place beneficiaries center stage. Just like in a documentary, a narrator provides context, and interviews of the beneficiaries deliver the message. It's a simple recipe, and the success lies in the capture of authentic testimonials, moments of emotion and how everything is tied together fluidly.

Thanks for reading! We hope this starter list is helpful, please add your own suggestions below. If you need help deciding a style or a script, you should talk to one of the freelance directors on Videopixie. It's a free service for non-profits: schedule a brainstorming session with an experienced director