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Videopixie is the largest community of video creators, ready to partner with you to make energizing pitch videos for your kickstarter/start-up

Post your project for free. You'll get bids from at least ten talented creators -- some will make a sample video to inspire you. You pick the one you like most, then they make your pitch video, and you pay when you're happy at the end.

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For your kickstarter: Video equipment quickly gets expensive, and the learning curve is steep. All the more reasons to hire an experienced videographer and her equipment to tell your kickstarter's vision. Example video by Greg Winkler.

Get stunning images: Sometimes all it takes are beautiful images of your product/service and a well-crafted story. "Tripzaar" uses Videopixie to make promo videos of the original and thrilling activities it offers.

Options for every budget: Do you feel comfortable filming yourself? then just upload the footage and have a professional editor turn it into an inspiring video. Example video by Palmer Sanfield

Add animations: If you need to convey complex ideas, animations may be a great idea and we'll help you find styles that fit with your budget. Check out this investor pitch - by Alexander Thomas

Woah, this is amazing, the video is blowing up and sooooooo much better than I saw coming. Genious!

Lauren K - CEO at The Dating Ring

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