Make a video to drive installs

It's no secret: a snappy video will drive app installs, and it may even get your app featured.   With HD cameras in every pocket and services like Videopixie, you can hack a great video together even on a tight budget.   Have a look at some video examples for inspiration and then give us a call or email us to start brainstorming ideas.

Simple walkthrough ($150-$350)

An app walkthrough is an effective and economical way to quickly explain what the app is about.

CrystalMD needed a clean demo to pitch investors, they uploaded the footage to Videopixie and motion designer Hoju Kim took care of the rest. $200

You'll need:   some screencast of the app (we can record it for you for a small fee), a short script (our friends at draft can help you refine it), a voiceover (we can have it recorded by a pro for fee, or you can use our friends at voicebunny). The rest is handled by a Videopixie animator / motion designer who will package everything up.

Animated demo ($500-$3000)

For a more evocative and impressive video, you can work with illustrators and motion designers to created an animated demo.

You'll need:  All you need is the app's layered design files (.ai, .psd).   Motion designers will recreate the walk through in After Effects and have complete creative freedom.   Have a look at some great motion designers and their work.

Live action ($500-$1000)

Live action shows how users interact with your app, what it lets them do. It can be a very effective medium.

Swiftykey's video does a great job showing what the app is all about: a novel way to type on the go.

You'll need:   a detailed script / storyboard (our writers can help with that), a talented videographer (someone who gets light, composition AND sound, again we can recommend pros), an editor with color grading skills, and good storytelling / pacing.   Find talented editors.

Live action with visual FX ($1000-$3000)

But live action can also be a bit constraining when explaining novel concepts. Consider using simple visual FX to be more evocative.

You'll need:   the same as above, and in addition, you'll need a talented motion designer / visual FX expert.   Find great visual FX artists.

A new model to make videos

In the past, to make a video, you had to 1) know a good studio 2) pay a minimum of $5000 3) pray that it works out in the end.   Luckily things are changing in the video space. Videopixie is a community of 600+ video professionals, ready to collaborate with you to find the best ideas, script, filming and post-production for your budget. Schedule a free same-day brainstorming session or post a project and start engaging with the largest community of video freelancers.

Videopixie is a marketplace for video production

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