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What is Videopixie?

Videopixie is the largest community of freelance animators and motion designers, available on demand.

Post your project for free. You'll get bids from at least ten talented freelancers -- some will make a sample animation to inspire you. You pick the one you like most, then they make your explainer video, and you pay when you're happy at the end.

Why Videopixie?

  • Get bids from 10 different very talented freelancers
  • Work securely online together with lots of nice tools
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Made by Animators on Videopixie

On Videopixie, you'll find high-end studios like Ataboy capable of creating unique designs and rich animations

You'll find talented freelancers, such as Dave Chenell, consistently delivering compelling animations on mid-size budgets ($2k-$5k)

For smaller budget (<$2k), animators will work with you to find options and still deliver useful results, eg. by reducing the amount of graphic design, or by having you provide the storyboard.

There are even options under <$500 involving enhanced screencasts. All you need is a draft script and motion designers will record the screencast for you and pair it with clean pro animations.

Very impressed with the animators on Videopixie. They came up with several very creative concepts and they found solutions for our limited budget. The collaboration tools make the process efficient.

Daniel Foerstermann - Product at Testcloud.io

If you have any questions, email human@videopixie.com or call +1 800 510 6570