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What is Videopixie?

Videopixie is the largest community of video freelancers, available on demand to make the perfect video for your budget.

Post your project on Videopixie for free. You'll get bids from at least ten talented video professionals -- some will make a sample video to inspire you or draft a storyboard. You pick the one you like most, then they make your video, and you pay when you're happy at the end.

Why Videopixie?

  • Get bids from 10 different very talented freelancers
  • Work securely online together with lots of nice tools
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Made by Creators on Videopixie

Animated explainers It's now easy and affordable to explain your business in 60s. "Testcloud" posted a project on Videopixie for free, and within days they received 10+ bids showing a variety of styles and prices. They hired PJ who delivered the final video for $1500.

Ads/Promotional videos Your business deserves stunning imagery and well-crafted stories. "Tripzaar" uses Videopixie to make promo videos of the original and thrilling activities it offers.

Customer testimonials: Your users have great things to say about your business. "Stagen" interviewed 20 clients with an iPhone 5. They uploaded everything to Videopixie and got 20 professional-looking testimonials made in just a few days.

Easy to use and great way to add video to your products when your company does not have a video team.

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