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What is Videopixie?

Videopixie is the #1 marketplace for video production.

Post a project and you'll get 5-10 bids the best teams for your budget. Brainstorm together, hire the team with the best idea/concept/price. Makerhive users get free production assistance!

Why Videopixie?

  • Get 5-10 solid piches by tomorrow
  • Access to 3,000+ video teams
  • Free prod assistance for Makerhive

Made by Videopixie Creators

Animated explainers: It's now easy and affordable to explain your business in 60s. On Videopixie you'll find talented animators, such as Planet Nutshell, consistently delivering compelling animations on mid-size budgets

Pitch videos: Work with the most creative studios, like French Press Films, to create effective commercials. Advertise on Youtube, drive conversions.

Customer testimonials: Your users have great things to say about your business. Hire professional videographers like Jordan Wyatt to make concise on-point interviews of your most representative customers.

Crowdfunding videos: Team up with kickstarter experts to make high-octane videos to energize armies of backers. Zboard used Videopixie to find and hire Hunt House Pictures to make their Indiegogo video: campaign 870% funded.

Company overviews: James Lamoureaux needed a powerful ad for his investors. Hard Road Pictures shot stunning footage and Alexander Thomas Media Co
ran post production.

Background videos: Static hero sections are so 2014... it's now easy to greet users with a background video. You'll find actors and videographers on Videopixie to make the perfect custom homepage video, relevant and evocative.

Easy to use and great way to add video to your products when your company does not have a video team.

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