Microryza and Videopixie team-up to fund science...
...one video at a time!

Microryza is the leading crowdfunding site for scientific projects. Researchers use Microryza to fund research on a wide range of topics from cancer or memory loss to honey bees. We all know that a video dramatically increases the chances of getting a project funded. We also know that making a great video can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive. So today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Microryza to help researchers make successful pitch videos, easily and affordably. See below for details on how Microryza and Videopixie are collaborating to bring funding to important scientific projects.

Example: Watch Dr Goldman's Microryza video

Dr Corey Goldman is a foremost expert in Heart and Vascular Diseases at Tulane University. He used Videopixie to make the video for his Microryza project. Video is the best medium to engage with potential backers and persuade them to support complex causes.

Ernesto Mantaras

edited by

To make this video, Dr Goldman recorded his voice while answering a few questions and uploaded it to Videopixie along with a few pictures. Then Videopixie found the best motion designer for this project, Ernesto Mantaras who created illustrations and animations to go with the voiceover. With feedback from Microryza and the research team, we were able to turn around a powerful explainer video. The whole project only cost $400 and took just a few days. (learn more about Dr Goldman's project and help fund great research)

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