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Explain your business

Hoju Kim

edited by

Artist Hoju Kim recorded the screencast, fine tuned the storyboard, and animated everything in After Effects to obtain this easy-to-follow and polished explainer video.

Inspire your users

Dave Chennell

edited by

To kick-off an important event, real estate firm Travis Robertson had a snappy video made on Videopixie. All they had to provide was some live action recordings, and some rough creative guidelines. The motion graphics, the stock footage, were all put together by the super talented Dave Chennell.

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CEO Message (<$175)

Ernesto Manteras

edited by

Shamrock Financial made 5 videos on Videopixie over the summer - They didn't cost much to make ($100-$200) and gave them high quality marketing content for email campaigns and conversions.

Promo video (<$175)

Ryan Blewett

edited by

RaiderXP shot high quality footage of their adventure challenge program. They needed a punchy energetic cut, masterfully delivered by Ryan Blewett.

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