The Perfect Christmas Gift: a video

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one?

You want to give something unique, touching and fun ... and you dont want to spend too much!   Here's an idea – give a video of those special moments from 2013.

Videopixie makes it super easy to hire a professional video editor to make the perfect gift. People are using Videopixie right now to make videos of their baby's first year, of their cross country road trips, and of their family vacations.

Lil' Luca ($250)

Got a special little person (or two) in your life? Got a phone full of videos and been wondering what to do? Turn it into the perfect holiday gift for ~$250. Now you know.

Put all those video clips to use at last!

High Jinx on the Low Seas ($300 contest)

You've been up to high jinks, and you were smart enough to shoot some video.   You caught that moment where you were stylin' it, and a few bloopers too.   And what have you done with it so far?   Let it fester on your laptop?   Spend a few hundred bucks and you'll have something good enough that your friends might actually watch it to the end!

Alexander Sclafani

edited by

Dont foget to include the bits where you fall off!

Remember that time we went to Disney World? ($200)

The kids were talking about it for weeks before you left. You knew it had to be recorded for posterity, so you saw half your vacation through a viewfinder. Now you're stuck with a big pile of files, and wrestling match with iMovie. You'd always pictured that one day you'd use the video to embarrass your kids with their future fiance. They're only five years old now, but at the rate you're going it might not be done in time. Help is at hand. For a couple of hundred bucks you can have a professional editor make that perfect vacation video – wife's Chritmas's present solved!

Andrew Barron

edited by

Bring back the sparkle..

The Great American Road Trip ($250)

You knew it was going to be epic. Sitting behind the wheel, you could picture the masterpiece. Your Great American Road Trip, preserved in time – something you'd watch when you'd grown old, and smile at what japes you had.

And now where are you? You've got twenty giga-bytes of weird-named files filling up your hard-disk like a kayak in a bathtub. Fear not, Laputan one, the Videopixies can make your dream come true!

Jasper Boyd

edited by

Jack Kerouac's got nothing on this..

My Wife's Surprise Christmas Gift, 2013 ($200)

Everyone loves surprises, and right now the Videopixies are working their magic making videos to delight your loved ones on Christmas Day.   Remember now, good boys and girls don't peek at their presents before the big day. So no matter how tempted you are, don't look...

We tried to warn you!

How does this thing actually work?

You're convinced – video is the perfect gift. Now you want to know how to get it done. It's actually very easy: you click 'Get Started', you tell us a little about the video you want to make, and then you post your project to the editors. They will bid on your project, you pick on the one you like most, iterate with them a few times, and then you pay at the end when you're happy. The whole thing take about one week.

Questions? Email us or call us at 1 800 510 6570 - we're always happy to talk.

Ahhh, I cant get it done in time..

Fear not, we have you covered with Videopixie gift cards from $100 to $500. To buy a gift card give us a call at 1 800 510 6570. If you order soon we'll mail you an actual physical card to give to your loved one on Christmas day.

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