Training videos: Examples

By Videopixie
March 5th 2015

When it comes to training videos, there are many styles and formats at your disposal. Here are some examples. You should choose based on your objectives (how engaging does the content need to be?) and also based on your budget / resources (are my employees comfortable in front of the camera?). We are always happy to advise: or 1 800 510 6570


Screencasts are particularly effective to explain an internal website, or how to complete certain digital tasks. They can be laborious to listen to if the visual doesn't match the voiceover


Animations are more costly to make but they can be custom tailored to your message and visual identity

Live action

Live action is usually a more cost effective option to create large quantities of video content. Try to shoot several videos in one day to lower production costs.

Live action + light motion graphics

Live action alone is often not enough to keep your audience engaged through complex topics and a touch of motion graphics helps.

Live action + advanced motion graphics

... and of course you can turn the dial and add more advanced motion graphics. Remember that animations are typically priced by the second, use them sparingly.