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What is Videopixie?

Videopixie is a community of 2,000+ video freelancers, available on-demand to film, edit, animate your videos.

Just upload your footage, screencasts and powerpoints,... and receive professionally edited courses within days. Use Videopixie to find videographers and animators too.

Why Videopixie?

  • Let professional editors do the work
  • Just upload the footage
  • Pay at the end, when satisfied

Two editing packages to choose from:


We clean-up your footage
  • Umms/Uhhs treatment: we trim hesitations or redundancies to get a more concise flow
  • Audio/Video Scrub: we balance audio levels and adjust colors for warmer more contrasted images
  • Basic titles: lectures start with a static title screen, followed by the instructor's name in the lower third
  • 1 iteration per lecture
$135$225 per final course hour
Get the Basic package


We keep your students engaged
  • Clean-up: all tasks included in the Basic package
  • Splice: we sequence your footage, graphics, and close-ups to match the audio
  • Pan & zoom: we zoom in on the action to make fonts and graphics more legible
  • Cropped frames: we cut to cropped frames to give the illusion of multiple camera angles
  • On-screen text: we reinforce key points on screen to help students register better and take notes
  • 2 iterations per lecture
$265$440 per final course hour
Get the Advanced package

Example of Basic edit:

The video starts with a simple title screen, and then goes directly to the instructor with clean lower thirds.

Example of Advanced edit:

In this Adobe tutorial the editor is alternating live action footage and screencast, cutting to cropped frames, panning & zooming, adding titles,... making the course more engaging and didactic.

No risk

Before we start working on your videos, we will review the footage to make sure it passes the Udemy quality standards, and you'll receive a quote based on the estimated length of the course.

You only pay at the end, when satisfied with the final cut.

Instructor requirements

To benefit from the negotiated rates please make sure to:

For more filming tips: check out filming tips for better courses

Need help filming? Need animations?

You can also use Videopixie for more advanced projects, for example if you need filming, animations, greenscreen... contact us or watch more examples

I use Videopixie for all my post-production: from simple editing, to hiss-noise removal, to animated lower thirds... it's affordable, fast and always on! Highly recommended for every instructor/videographer.

Mimika Cooney - professional photographer/videographer, Udemy instructor

If you have any questions, email or call +1 800 510 6570