Udemy videos made on Videopixie

Instructors have used Videopixie for a variety of use cases: to remove hiss noise, animate slides, make screencasts more engaging, chromakey a greenscreen, get the course filmed by professionals.

Example 1: Hiss noise removal

Course: 7 tips for hot looking videos

Mimika's course was initially rejected due to sound issues: the mic had recorded loud static noise throughout the entire course. Mimika worked with a sound specialist on Videopixie to remove the hiss noise in ~20 lectures using the latest sound correction software.

Cost: $150 per course hour

Mimika's course videos ("7 tips for hot looking videos") needed sound treatment

Note: The hiss removal introduced a slight echo. This sometimes happens when the original static noise is particularly pronounced, or when the raw recordings aren't available (like here)

Example 2: Basic editing

Simple trimming, color & sound adjustments, simple titles, clean and professional. $450 to edit 7h of footage into 30+ 15min lectures. Took ~1 week.

Promo video - from existing slides, made by a US-based motion designer

Example 3: Animated slides

Course: Integral Lifestyle

Jaroslav used Videopixie to animate all the slides in his course, including his promo video. Jaroslav provided the slides with illustrations he drew himself and freelancers in the US and in India animated the whole thing.

Cost: $450 per course hour

Animation from existing slides

Example 4: Motion graphics with stock illustrations + greenscreen

Course: "How to generate rental income from your stocks" (in progress)

Walter used Videopixie to make the entire course. He sent footage of him in front of a greenscreen and had the editor chroma key and design animated illustrations to bring his points to life.

Cost: $800 per course hour (the editor had to come up with the illustrations and animate them)

Example 5: Motion graphics with custom illustrations + multicam synch

Motion graphics to illustrate key points, in addition to multicam editing. Cost: $850 per course hour

Example 6: Filming + editing + motion graphics

Cost: $900 per course hour

More Examples...

There are many more ways a post-production resource like Videopixie can be used to create better course videos more easily.

More examples of post-production styles for course videos

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