How to make exciting vacation videos.

By Libby Cooper
Sep 2nd, 2014

What’s worse than going on a fantastic vacation and only capturing videos and not knowing what to do with them? Well, I can actually name a few (like food poisoning from that mysterious fruit smoothie that most definitely had ice in it), but never fear, Videopixie is here to help! Not with the food poisoning, sorry, you are on your own with that, man.

Here at Videopixie, we don’t just love video, we live video! Everything from a funny moment on the airplane to a stunning mountain vista can and should be turned into a video clip. It could be your kids learning to ski or seeing a turtle for the first time while snorkeling. Don’t have kids? Maybe you capture that hilarious moment when your best friend keeps stalling his moped in rural Thailand and all the locals are laughing at him.

Whatever the moment, it can be saved forever for memories (and YouTube). But then what do you do with with all of these clips? That’s when Videopixie comes in. Our community of thousands of video professionals can work their magic on your footage, turning it from a random string of clips into a gorgeous, glossy video. Music, narration, storyline, and motion graphics all add to your piece, making it one of a kind. And anyway, a Facebook is so 2013! Welcome to the modern world of phenomenal video to share with your friends, family, and online community.

Here are 5 easy steps to making your vacation video rock:

1. Capture high quality clips.

As seen from this incredible vacation video by Andrew Melikov, you do not need a fancy camera to capture great footage. All it takes is a little planning and a steady hand. We recommend the GoPro, any smartphone, or DLSR camera with video capabilities. Just remember that if you are shooting on a mobile device, holding the phone or tablet landscape, not portrait! Ever seen those ugly black bars on the sides of videos? That comes from the incorrect aspect ratio, yuck!

2. Build a narrative.

Even if you have random clips, following a theme such as all clips are beach related or everything is filmed from horseback really adds to the watchability of a video. Go through your clips after your trip and choose your favorite ones that follow the same theme. Some unique theme ideas are filming the same motion in every location or using voice over to explain an experience.

3. Pick a great editor.

A talented editor can contribute significantly to the presentability of your video. He or she can take it from unstructured content into a polished finished product.

1) Excising extraneous footage

An editor will get rid of unwanted footage in your raw video; this is a simple and common task for an editor to perform. This is a simple change that will immediately make your video more digestible.

2) Keeping only the best footage

This is related to the point above. Usually there is much more raw footage than will ever end up in the final cut of the video. A talented editor can spot the highest quality footage in your scenes, ensuring that you only keep the highest quality footage.

3) Create a flow

Most videos have a purpose. This can range from telling an emotional story to conveying information regarding a specific topic. An editor will keep in mind the overarching theme of your video and ensure that each scene befits the video as whole. Video editing is where potentially Videopixie comes in. We have a community of editors ready to cut together your vacation footage.

4. Edit to the perfect soundtrack.

All great video have an awesome soundtrack. Decide on your piece’s mood. Is it a chilled, laid back beach vibe that calls for some reggae tones? Or is it an exhilarating, action-packed video that needs some heavy bass? Having a music choice in mind when brainstorming ideas for your video will help the direction of the project and speed up the editing time.

5. Add a fun title sequence onto your video.

A little title sequence gives your video a personalized touch like the video of Adria Millan. It adds professionalism to self filmed footage, and like this video, it does not need to be anything flashy!

And with these 5 tips, go press record! Good luck, and don’t forget to smile when you are on camera… you are on vacation, remember :)