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Videopixie is a community of 800+ editors, colorists, motion designers, animators, and more.

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Are you a Wedding Videographer? Wedding videographers use Videopixie to work with world-class editors. Upload your footage and get a cinematographic trailer and/or an extended cut by next week.

Are you a Production Company? You'll find editors, color graders, and motion designers available 24/7. Save time, and collaborate with other creatives.

Are you looking for a motion designer? Videopixie gives you access to artists with varied styles and areas of expertise. Browse profiles, past work, and chat live.

Videopixie provides a fantastic service for speeding up my workflow and creating a professional finish to my weekly TV shows on Mimika TV. I'm always impressed with the quick turn around and creativity I'm totally hooked!

Mimika Cooney - professional photographer/videographer, author

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