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Choose from 1000+ professional video editors, color grading specialists, music composers,...

Videopixie is a growing community of professional editors. You'll find talented editors with impressive wedding video work and a wide range of editing styles.

Federico Ondarts

edited by

For this wedding by the beach, Federico opted for an upbeat tempo, fast cuts, colors bathed with sun.

A nice change from the classic wedding video look.

Kudos Federico for coming up with the perfect editing style for this fun wedding.

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Federico found the perfect editing style for this wedding by the beach

You'll be able to give an upbeat dynamic style to your videos (like the one above edited by Federico), or opt for a more intimate personal vibe (like the below by Maira)

Maira Martins

edited by

Very thoughtful and polished work by Maira Martins

Note the choice of music, typography, brightness levels that contribute to an impression of candid simplicity and honnesty.

Perfect editing style for this lovely couple.

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A lighter, more playful style works great for pre-wedding films.

Editors suggest different styles based on your footage

When you post a project on Videopixie, the editors review your footage and suggest different styles that might work well. Some even create teasers made from your footage. It's a form of creative collaboration.

Matias Canelson

edited by

One of our favorite videos made on Videopixie.   Edited by the very talented Matias Canelson.

Note the switch from B&W to mark Bria's entrance, the slowed down clips to suspend time, the subtle lens flares, the typography choices, and the use of sound FX.

Doesn't get better than this.

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New Wave Photography used Videopixie to make this video.

For example, New Wave Photography posted a project on Videopixie and within 2-3 days they received 5 teasers made from their footage. They immediately loved the approach taken by editor Matias Canelson. They gave him some feedback and received this beautiful Sweet 16 video a week later.

How much does it cost?

To give you an idea, the video above cost ~$400 to edit. And weddings tend to range between $300 and $700. But really you set the budget, and editors work within your constraints. Also if you don't know what your budget should be, the editor community can help you narrow it down.

Are there volume discounts?

Yes! and as a matter of fact, if you consider using Videopixie regularly, we have a special discount: 50% off your first video. In addition, once you've found 1-2 editors who you like, you can negotiate volume discounts with them.

What's the turn-around time?

Typically, it takes 2 days to get bids, another 2 days for a quality first cut and few more days to the final cut. But the timelines are flexible. Talk to us if you are in hurry.

Bonus: more wedding videos and their editors

This page only list a few of the 500+ editors on Videopixie. Browse a few more profiles below and go to www.videopixie.com/find-video-editors for a longer list

Therese Anne

edited by

Love the pace and scene selection in this video edited by Therese Anne for Lindsey Lee Photography.

Great intro that pulls you right in. Fluid highlights with lots to look at, blending clips and panned photos.

Fair amount of film burn probably toned up to the client's taste.

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Therese gave a very warm feel to this video, as if reliving a cherished memory

The best wedding videos are made with the bride & groom in mind. What is their personality? what was the wedding like? And having access to a large editor community lets you pick the right editing style (upbeat, warm, intimate, dramatic,...)

Kit Larson

edited by

Editor Kit Larson made the most out of this 2008 SD footage.

The slower pace and more linear timeline at the client's request.

Note the bright colors, and the fluid transitions. In keeping with New Zealand's easygoing lifestyle and beautiful outdoors.

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SD footage is challengin, but can still be turned into a great output.

Although SD footage is rare these days, we sometimes get requests to edit SD. Some interesting color grading is still very much possible, and this edit by editor Kit Larson is a good example. Note how the flow if much more tranquille and smooth than in other videos at the request of the clients.


edited by

Great progression in this video edited by Amiro for Crazy Monkey Studio

Starts slow with alternances of dark contrasted scenes with bright ethereal ones.

Then visual density picks up and Amiro manages to show many details that made the day special

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Another great example of careful work on colors and light, by editor Amiro

In this video, the alternance of dark contrasted scenes and bright ethereal ones is very interesting. Outsourcing your editing is a great way to experiement with new styles and stay on top of the latest trends.

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