5 Best Kickstarter Videos of All Time

By Libby Cooper
December 30, 2014

Update: check out our Crowdfunding video benchmark, we asked 100 campaigns about their videos to learn what works, what doesn't and how much to spend on your Kickstarter/Indiegogo video?. Also we put together a list of the best Kickstarter video production companies in the world! Across a wide range of budgets, these 20 companies consistently rank at the top in terms of quality and results.

Now onto our top 5 Kickstarter videos of all time, and what makes them so great!

#5 - Emberlight campaign video

Starting off our countdown at number 5, Emberlight makes a smooth, stylish entrance.

This video makes use of several actors and good looking apartments. Each shot focuses on the Emberlight in its natural setting. Actors interacting with product really enhances the concept that it is easy to use and very useful for daily life.

#4 - Waterdeep Double campaign video

At number 4, is a very humorous video. Waterdeep Double Album’s campaign is a funny, likeable approach to Kickstarter. We love this video because it is a great example of shooting something creative on your own.

#3 - Pono Music campaign video

Coming in hot at number 3, we’ve got Pono Music, which grabbed the attention of music lovers everywhere. Pono’s video is a little unusual in terms of the typical Kickstarter format. It creates hype based on using celebrities with very little information about what the product actually is or does. The montage of famous musicians, music lovers, and general celebrities is successful at building suspense. The video is long and it is not recommended to other projects to go over 4 minutes unless you too have clips of Beck and Elvis Costello raving about your product.

#2 - Bibliotheca campaign video

Now our runner up... Bibliotheca! Bibliotheca captured a very interesting demographic on Kickstarter: the religious community. We’re showcasing Bibliotheca because it is one of the most beautiful videos on Kickstarter. The cinematography is excellent, not to mention the edit is seamless and engaging. Plus, the animation used really adds to the piece.

#1 - Coolest Cooler campaign video

Okay, okay, now we know that everyone knows about The Coolest Cooler, but let’s take a closer look at how it possibly achieved a feat of crowdfunding success. At $13 million, it is the highest funded project of all time! The video has a funky, fun vibe without overly produced footage. It certainly crosses the line from amateur into production house quality without over doing it.

Well, that’s it for our top 5! What were your favorite videos of 2014? And if you’re looking to make a Kickstarter video then checkout Videopixie -- we help you find and hire the best professionals for your project. Set up is easy, fast, and free.

See you in 2015!